Umbreon is the last eeveelution I had to do, and wasn’t that bad since I used the same base body, head, and legs for the other eeveelutions. The pattern was made by wolfdreamer and is available here:

I didn’t have any yellow felt, so I just crocheted some scs in a ring for the circles.  They could look better, but I was so excited about being finished, that I was rushing to get it done.  I also added a couple rows to the ears and tail since they looked a little short.

That’s all for now.



Finished Vaporeon:

This is the first of my eeveelutions, and specifically requested by a friend. After spending a couple weeks on piplup, I was really happy that there was already an awesome pattern:

Because there was already a pattern, I managed to finish her in one weekend.  The reason why the face isn’t finished is because my glue and other supplies are currently over five hours away, and I won’t be able to get them until March.  Even without the face, I still think it turned out really good.

All yarn is Red Heart Super Saver. The dark blue is ‘Windsor Blue’, light blue is ‘Aruba Sea’ (leftover from Piplup) and the yellow is ‘Pale Yellow’ (also used for Flareon, and Leafeon). The white is the basic white color.