Some of you might know me as ShearViscosity from Ravelry or deviant art.  More likely you’ve just stumbled upon this blog.

I’ve been thinking about doing a blog for a while as a way to post all my patterns together in one place.  I also plan on using it to communicate with people who are interested in crocheting, whether they’re just starting out, or a seasoned vet.  Perhaps someday I’ll add tips and more.

I first started crocheting one summer during high school. My godmother’s mom, who’s like a second grandma to me got me started. At the time all I did were snowflakes, doilies, and the same afghan pattern. Once I hit college I didn’t have room for all my stuff and stopped.

This year my friends and I did a secret santa exchange. One of them is a really talented artist and was going to draw a picture for part of her present. I wanted to do something as crafty, but couldn’t figure out what since I fail at everything artsy. Then I remembered I could crochet, and several hours later I was hooked on amigurumi.

Her present, (wolfdreamer’s eevee pattern with a fail face) was such a success, that I’ve had several requests from friends and people for stuff. So as a way to destress from school I’ve been working on things for them, and other little ideas that pop into my head.


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