Espeon Joins the Group

Espeon Finished:

I had one long week of school and no time to do my own patterns, but still needed a way to relax.  Since I already had the right color, Red Heart Super Saver’ ‘Orchid’, I decided it was time for espeon, since I had found a pattern which can be found here:

I stuck to the pattern, but messed with the ears and whiskers.  For some reason my stitches have been getting tighter, so I added a couple rows and chains to make them the proper size. I also made the gem using red yarn instead of hot glue by making 5 sc in a circle. Also the eyes will get finished, eventually.

I also based on the pose on the following, because I love how espeon looks walking toward me:

Also, I apologize if the pics aren’t that great, my camera kept saying my memory card was protected despite it working fine in my computer.

Below is the latest group shot.


3 thoughts on “Espeon Joins the Group

  1. That looks awesome! Can I ask a question though? What color did you use in this one? And what specific colors did you use on Vaporeon?

    • Since it wasn’t an original pattern, I didn’t think to include it, sorry.

      All yarn is Red Heart Super Saver. Espeon’s purple is ‘Orchid’. Vaporeon’s dark blue is ‘Windsor Blue’, light blue is ‘Aruba Sea’ (leftover from Piplup) and the yellow is ‘Pale Yellow’ (also used for Flareon, and Leafeon).

      Thanks for letting me know, I’ll go back and include the info in the posts.

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